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Mohammed Zakir

Pricing expert with 20+ years of experience

Houston, TX, United States
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About Me

20+ years of consulting experience that comprises data, analytics, pricing & marketing strategy, and customer & market research.  My education background is in Mathematics and Economics from Middlebury College and an MBA from MIT.

My firm Acustrategy Analytics provides services to clients that include Fortune 500 firms, private-equity owned or independent mid-market companies, startups, government, and non-profits.

My team and I also provide our services as external consultants to two pricing consultancies: Simon-Kucher and Holden Advisors. 

Our work is built on cutting-edge approaches to business problems, data and analysis accuracy, output quality, integrity and pride in our work, and the trust our clients put in us to help realize their business opportunities and goals. 

Work Experience
CEO at Acustrategy Pricing & Analytics Sep 2008  - present Houston, TX, USA

Provide pricing & marketing strategy consulting, and customer & market research and analytics consulting (data consolidation & normalization, data visualization, and advanced analytics), services to Fortune 500, mid-market, government, and non-profit clients.

Clients in industries including agribusiness, consumer packaged goods, education, energy,  government, healthcare, information technology, intellectual property protection products & services, litigation, market research, media (broadcast, traditional, and digital), pharmaceuticals and medical devices, private equity, retail, restaurants, and software.

Senior Consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners Mar 2007  - Aug 2008 Cambridge, MA, USA

Helped Fortune 500 and mid-market companies across several industries with pricing, customer, and marketing strategy.
Clients in industries including automotives, beverage, construction materials (raw and finished), consumer packaged goods, credit cards, financial services, industrial products, intellectual property, manufacturing, publishing, and software.  

  • Managed 6-member team to create multi-year price implementation plan for a financial network for its new credit card transaction dispute processing software in over 140 countries leading to additional annual profits of $13M.
  • Demonstrated for a database and services client that its customers’ willingness-to-pay in the USA and Europe for a superior, online product was higher by $6M annually than internal company expectations.
  • Headed 5-person team in the Czech Republic for a leading multinational cement manufacturer to optimize product portfolio prices to successfully compete with imports from the European Union.
  • Counseled international beverage company’s Saudi Arabia operations in revising its carbonated beverages’ product, channel segmentation, and pricing strategies in order to realize potential annual revenues of $15M.
  • Performed customer segmentation analysis and evaluated industry benchmarks to construct manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a European auto manufacturer’s new mid-size sedan to be introduced in the USA in 2011.
  • Devised modular price-structure with varying flexibility to complement two existing web-based journal subscription models for a leading, public, scientific journal publisher to grow its stagnating annual revenues of $200M.

Consulting Associate at Charles River Associates Jun 1998  - Aug 2005 Boston, MA, USA

Worked with clients in antitrust cases to build free-market pricing scenarios and to compute damages models to quantify financial harm from anti-competitive pricing practices.

  • Led 5-person multi-office team to model and compute profits forfeited by a credit card issuer on account of anticompetitive acts in the industry.
  • Headed 12-member multi-office team to demonstrate $56M profit decrease for a telecommunications provider caused by its client’s contract violation.
  • Analyzed patent data to successfully dispute $1.4B lawsuit claiming illegal use of patented technology.
  • Examined and executed transportation models to deduce economic viability of Amtrak’s proposed Acela Service in the Northeast Corridor. Applied demographic and public preference models to forecast potential revenues.

MBA from Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT Sloan School of Management
Aug 2005 - May 2007
BA from Middlebury College
Sep 1994 - May 1998
Economics, Mathematics

High Honors in Economics, Economics Honors Thesis ("Landlord-tenant relations in agrarian economies: A game-theoretic analysis"), Mathematics Thesis ("Mathematical programming and the theory of the firm"), Published journal article ("Factors affecting infant mortality rates: Evidence from cross-sectional data").

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