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Jackie Leckas

Healthcare messaging, content, and go-to-market strategy

Minneapolis, MN, United States
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About Me

I am a healthcare marketing pro with experience leading initiatives that define new segments, drive brand awareness, and create commercial demand. My consulting engagements help health tech, medical device, and life sciences companies develop breakthrough sales and marketing communication.

Please contact me to discuss collaborating on any sales and marketing projects in the healthcare field!

“Improve care.” “Bend the cost curve.” “Increase efficiency.” These value propositions are pervasive throughout the healthcare industry.  I started HIT Marketing Partners to help health tech, medical device, and life sciences companies break through the noise and drive meaningful engagement with decision makers by more effectively articulating the impact of their solutions. 

HIT Marketing Partners is not an agency. It is a collaboration between healthcare executives with decades of experience in marketing communication, field sales, business development, partnerships, lead gen, and customer engagement. We have been in your shoes, responsible for increasing mindshare, generating high-quality leads, and building a thriving sales pipeline. We bring a practical perspective to your communication strategy that promotes connecting your key messages to your target audiences’ goals and objectives. We help organizations create their sales and marketing playbook, and produce content that more clearly conveys their unique differentiators. We offer flexible consulting engagements that can range from ad-hoc projects to monthly retainer relationships. We have no overhead so you only pay for our time.
Why engage HIT Marketing Partners?

-Refresh you messaging foundation - give your commercial teams more effective value proposition language to infuse into their communication
-Document your go-to-market plan - ensure sales and marketing are aligned on target audiences, key messages, outreach strategies, and lead workflows
-Empower your sales staff- create presentations, brochures, tutorials, and communication templates that advance buyers through your sales process
-Develop a content strategy - continuously engage target audiences with messaging-rich resources such as whitepapers, case studies, briefs, ebooks, blog posts, and articles


Thought leadership development

Content such as white papers, articles, blogs, ebooks and collateral to enable field sales representatives and lead gen teams to more effectively engage decision makers at every stage of the sales cycle

Customer marketing

Development of customer-centric stories that highlight value propositions in the context of customer experience - case studies, interviews, use cases and conference presentations, as well as oversight of customer user group activity

Lead generation programs

Execution of campaigns that drive funnel growth - emailers, webinars, trade shows, social media

Strategic marketing plans

Creation of corporate and product messaging, buyer personas, target markets and marketing program goals/objectives

Messaging framework

Sales and marketing communication must emanate from a consistent and compelling messaging framework. We help organizations refresh, revise, or develop their go-to-market messages and deliver it in a framework that guides marketing and sales initiatives and ensures all employees company-wide understand how to describe and position offerings. This comprehensive exercise emphasizes connecting the dots between benefits and the value they deliver to target audiences.
Work Experience
Healthcare Marketing Consultant at HIT Marketing Partners 2017  - present Minneapolis, MN

Marketing consultancy focused on enabling companies to improve awareness, perception, and sales effectiveness through differentiated messaging and great market-facing content. We specialize in working with organizations that improve healthcare delivery through innovative technology in the areas of clinical imaging, health data interoperability, analytics, telemedicine and patient engagement. Our areas of focus: -Thought leadership programs -Customer story development -Sales and lead gen enablement

Vice President of Marketing at lifeIMAGE 2009  - 2016 Boston, MA

Eighth employee at an emerging healthcare start-up. Responsible for ground up communication efforts key to growing lifeIMAGE from a start-up to an established organization now providing interoperable health data exchange for thousands of US hospitals. -Marketing strategy development -Brand and awareness building programs -Corporate and product messaging platforms -Strategic content, public relations and demand generation campaigns -Sales enablement and field support -Partner relationships and channel sales -Member of the corporate management team

Marketing Programs Lead at Experian Data Quality (QAS) 2007  - 2009 Boston, MA

Bachelor of Sciences (B.S.) from Suffolk University
1999 - 2003

Graduated first in class, Summa Cum Laude

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