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About Me

  • 5-star rated consultant trusted by Fortune 500 companies including Intel, Berkshire Hathaway, Pfizer, Caterpillar, P&G, Johnson Controls, Koch Industries, etc. 
  • Over 60 projects completed through Catalant.  Nearly 300 projects completed during my consulting career
  • Over 30 years of experience as a management consultant with Charles River Associates (NASDAQ: CRAI), Kline & Company, and as a corporate executive at Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE)
  • MBA and MS Engineering
  • Google-certified Project Manager,  including agile/scrum
  • Google-certified Information Technology Professional
  • Specialization in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, deep learning, robotics, information technology, semiconductors, etc. 
  • Prompt Engineer: Skilled at programming large language models like ChatGPT to deploy them for complex projects
  • Besides the US, I have professional experience in Asia (Japan, South Korea, and India).  Using partners in Europe and Latin America, I provide global coverage for my projects

Work Experience
President at xInvest Consultants Mar 2004  - present

At Xinvest Consultants, our mission is to define our client's critical problems into executable solution(s). We typically work with Fortune 1,000 companies, venture capital firms, financial institutions, and startups to develop a better understanding of industries, markets, customers, technologies, trends, drivers, growth opportunities and execution of commercialization strategies. A typical engagement for us demands extremely high level of comfort level with cutting-edge technologies and lately our focus has been on new business models based on exploitation of disruptive technologies like robotics, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, XaaS, etc.

  • Advised a global HVAC conglomerate on an acquisition strategy and attractive candidates in the liquid cooling technology space for datacenters supporting AI and machine learning companies.
  • Assessed the risks from competitors on China on behalf of one of the world's largest manufacturer of semiconductors (specifically chips used in AI) and developed a path forward to respond effectively.
  • Formulated the growth strategy of a global industrials conglomerate for the heavy-duty truck and powersports sectors. • Advised the CEO and VP of corporate development of a tech firm with development of an entry strategy for the life sciences vertical.
  • Provided support to a French industrials conglomerate in identifying an acquisition candidate in North America in the IoT space with a focus on security/HVAC applications in hospitality and other commercial real estate.
  • Advised the CFO and corporate strategy team of a $30 billion mining company with options for their under-performing TiO2 business.
  • Developed a growth platform for an equipment supplier for QSR, fast casual and fine dining restaurants and convenience stores by taking a solutions/systems approach to building management using IoT.
  • Helped the growth strategy group at a $35 billion heavy machinery manufacturer identify acquisition targets in the $500 M to $1 B range.
  • For a $2 B European engineering services firm, I developed a growth strategy for the aviation, defense, and space sectors.
  • Guided chief innovation officer of an industrial firm with a market entry strategy for a B2B software and fiber optics equipment for use in oil and gas pipelines.
  • Due diligence of a specialty chemicals firm for acquisition by a $19 billion private equity group.
  • Created the architecture of a new healthcare business combining surgical imaging and big data for one of the world’s largest industrial conglomerates.
  • Guided a $3 billion venture capital firm evaluate an investment in an early-stage startup developing full-stack software for autonomous vehicles.
  • Adviser to a global private equity and venture capital firm to make an investment decision in a B2B data services company addressing supply chain inefficiencies in the materials sector.
  • Developed commercialization strategy of a non-oxide ceramic product to compete with carbon nanotubes for a $23 billion Fortune 500 company.
  • Adviser to a $3 billion performance chemicals company reset its business model for the automotive/Tier 1 companies in the polyolefin additives space.
  • Defined the corporate strategy for a Fortune 1000 industrials conglomerate to enable them to develop a growth platform using composites for high-value, high-growth markets like drones and medical implants.
  • Due diligence of a household cleaners contract manufacturer and assessment of its CPG customer base on behalf of a private equity group.
  • Developed a go-to-market strategy for a software firm for the legal services vertical.
  • Advised a private equity group in making an investment in a telematics startup serving the commercial truck sector. • Developed the medical implants growth strategy for a silicones manufacturer.
  • Facilitated a panel of experts to develop a process technology solution to save $55 million by a global oilfield services company.
  • Developed a growth strategy for an industrial products manufacturer to prepare for its divestment by a private equity group.
  • Advised managing partners at a private equity fund on the market potential of an acquisition in the fire suppression space.
  • Guided the leadership team at a manufacturer of Nylon 12 in identifying a growth opportunity in fiber optics cables.
  • End-to-end analysis of the building materials supply chain (products include bricks/masonry, cabinets/countertops, decking, dimensional/engineered lumber, doors, trims, fasteners, flashing, tapes, insulation, millwork, molding, stairs, plywood, under flooring, sheathing, railing, roofing, siding, trusses, wallboard, ceilings, weather barriers, and windows/patio doors) to identify investment and value creation options for product manufacturers and distributors as well as homebuilders.
  • Manufacturing cost assessment and analysis of strategy of a privately held, private-label competitor (manufacturer of trash bags) to develop a new approach for sales to mass merchandisers.
  • Global search for an acquisitions candidate to develop a growth platform for an oil and gas company looking to funnel its byproducts (target market included commodity and specialty high temperature plastics).
  • Assessment of new products landscape to help a vinyl supplier identify growth options in the windows and patio doors segment.
  • Critical analysis of aerospace/defense, consumer products, chemical processing, medical, automotive, energy, electronics, heavy machinery, semiconductor, and packaging sectors to identify investment opportunities through new products from high performance polymers, such as, fluoropolymers (PTFE, FEP, PVDF, ECTFE), high performance polyamides (PAMXD6, PA46, PA4T, PA6T, PA9T, PA10T, and amorphous HPPAs like PA6I/6T, PA6/3T, PA6I, and a-PA12, liquid crystal polymers or LCP, polyaryletherketones (PEEK, PEK, PEKK, PEKKEK) and blends (PEEK/PBI, PEEK/PPSU), polyarylethersulfones (PSU, PES, PPSU), polybenzimidazole, polyimides (PI, PEI, TPI, PAI, PEIS), and polyphenylene sulfide or PPS.
  • Helped a pharmaceutical firm develop a long-term growth strategy by understanding regulatory trends and global competitive issues and redesigning their drug development process.
  • Provided leadership to a startup with its launch and rapid initial growth efforts. I provided direction to the management and helped them implement their strategic plan.
  • Helped a global oil and gas firm involved in fracking with new product development by using UV LED technology for water treatment.
  • Researched the bulk material logistics business opportunity in Lower Mississippi River region for driving growth for firm that owns terminals in the area.
  • Advised one of the global leaders in empty capsules to develop a growth platform in the US nutraceuticals market. • Guided the marketing strategy of a technology firm to develop products and solutions designed to make life easy for seniors and disabled.
  • Participated in a group exercise with other experts to devise a path forward for Commonwealth of Massachusetts to become a hub for digital healthcare.

Senior Associate at Charles River Associates Apr 2001  - Apr 2004

Developed strategy and implemented business model transformations as part of the firm's Chemicals practice. During his tenure, Jay worked with multiple Fortune 500 clients in such areas as M&A, portfolio management, growth platform development, and opportunity analysis.

  • Led a team of client executives at a specialty gas company in an enterprise wide competency assessment resulting in identification of a $3 billion growth platform through portfolio management and business model transformation.
  • For a specialty chemical company, analyzed the personal care sector, helping the client transform their business model, identify acquisition targets, and restructure their portfolio to develop a $100 million growth engine. This exercise was conducted to reposition the firm as an attractive acquisition target.
  • Crafted an acquisition driven growth strategy for a $1 billion division of a global leader in specialty chemicals, resulting in a short list of $250 million acquisition candidates in the high growth digital media segment.
  • Collaborated with senior executives at a global petrochemical company to pursue growth opportunities for their resins in the mobile device battery market.
  • Identified $50 million new growth opportunities in consumer electronics, healthcare, and energy devices for a $500 million supplier leading to a new products strategy.
  • Worked on a team of experts to implement knowledge management program to build a repository of intelligence and insights and created systems and processes so that users could access and use the research already available and build on it.

Industry Manager at Kline & Company Jun 1998  - Apr 2001

At this boutique management consulting firm steeped in advanced materials technologies, Jay worked with Fortune 500 clients helping them identify new growth opportunities in polymers, specialty chemicals, plastics, packaging, and batteries.

  • After a Japanese company acquired a competitor in the United States, helped them refocus their engineering thermoplastics portfolio.
  • Developed a market repositioning strategy for a leading resin manufacturer for their PSU and HPPA product lines.
  • Value chain analysis of glass micro-fibers, AGM separators, VRLA batteries, and automotive OEMs for a battery parts supplier.
  • Directed the management at a global composites manufacturer with their market development plan for the glove dipping business for their latex polymers.
  • Developed competitive intelligence on a Japanese disposable camera supplier with plants in the United States and Mexico.
  • Helped a global petrochemical company develop a go-to-market strategy for their polysulfone polymer in the membranes used in water filtration plants.
  • Helped a leading alkaline battery supplier with their global growth strategy.
  • Worked closely with the product development group of an industrial/automotive catalyst manufacturer to redesign their new product development and launch process.
  • Helped identify materials for manufacturing golf balls by a leading manufacturer.
  • Provided a growth plan for a glass manufacturer to pursue opportunities in fiberglass reinforcements and glass micro-spheres markets.
  • Helped a technology development organization with licensing options for their new technologies.
  • Worked with the management of a packaging film company to develop a new market in oriented polypropylene (OPP) films.

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