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Esra Kucukciftci

Pricing and Monetization Strategy for Technology

Minneapolis, MN, United States
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About Me

I am an experienced product leader formerly with Facebook, Amazon, and SAS, the founder of Pricing Innovations. My experiences span product strategy, product management, pricing, and go-to-market in businesses ranging from start-ups to diversified multinationals.  My industry expertise includes enterprise software, SaaS, IoT, healthcare, medical device, industrial technologies, product-embedded services, and AI-powered technologies. I offer strategy consulting for pricing, monetization and go-to-market. Find out more at

Work Experience
Founder & Managing Principal at Pricing Innovations Aug 2015  - present Minneapolis, MN, USA

Pricing Innovations is a Minneapolis-based boutique product consultancy. We focus on pricing, monetization, and go-to-market support of technology products and services. While we started our practice for pricing product innovations, we are now known for innovating our clients' approach to pricing and monetization. Our clients include 3M, IBM, ADP, RSA, Boomi, Midmark, Ecolab, Prometric, and other mid-to-large cap technology businesses. 

We have developed various analytical frameworks for evaluating your pricing opportunity. We focus on the four key structures of your business and aim to align them with your optimal pricing strategy:  product, offer, pricing, and cost structures.  While there's no typical pricing engagement, at a high-level, we follow the below approach:
Product Structure: Value Modeling and Monetization Analysis
We'll begin with a monetization opportunity analysis. This step focuses on quantifying the value of the benefits as they are realized by your buyers and in relation to reference offerings both in the market and in your space.  Next, we quantify your buyers' willingness-to-pay. We do both of these steps by analyzing your data, designing primary research and conducting in-depth interviews with your [current and prospective] buyers. By the end of this step, we determine your options for your pricing model, structure and window(s).
Offer Structure: Value Stack Analysis and Optimization
We then move on to [re]configuring your offer structure. In value-based pricing, it's key to align your offering with how different buyers need, buy, use, and benefit from your offerings differently. The different levels of benefits and willingness-to-pay should be translated into a new offer structure.
Pricing Structure: Value Metric Analysis, Testing, and Validation
We next validate your pricing levels, pricing metric and pricing plan(s). In this step, we determine the caps, fences, and triggers among your pricing options so as to monetize different levels of buyers differently. We also financially model the impact of the recommended pricing strategy and structure and test alternative scenarios internally and/or externally.
Cost Structure: Portfolio, Roadmap and Go-to-Market Recommendations: 
Finally, we help you to align your pricing plan with your cost structure, portfolio strategy, and your go-to-market plan.

Established in 2013, we assisted start-ups, growth ventures, and multi-nationals in various industries including SaaS, IoT, e-commerce, retail, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, and professional and business services.

Principal Product Marketing Manager - Pricing Software & Solutions at SAS Mar 2014  - Aug 2015

IDeaS - a SAS Company is a global provider of SaaS pricing solutions & revenue management technology.

Sr. Product Manager at Amazon Jul 2012  - Mar 2013

Sr. Product Manager for one of Amazon's newest service innovations: Amazon Locker, in US and EU. Responsible for strategy, implementation, and management of digital resources, and promotion of the service and the program. Locker is part of Amazon's Worldwide Transportation Strategy Group.

MBA from University of Minnesota – Carlson School of Management
Sep 2010 - May 2012
Technology, Pricing, Product Management

Technology Marketing, Growth and Scale Strategy, New Ventures
Bachelor of Science from Bogazici University
Sep 1999 - May 2003
Chemical Engineering

Process and Operations Engineering


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