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Perry Naik

Market diligence leader integrating insights, technology & innovation to drive growth

Atlanta, GA, United States
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About Me

Market Research Manager with 15+ years end-to-end project management experience in integrating market insights, competitive intelligence, digital analytics, and complex market trends to activate strategies that drive corporate growth. Leader in driving and supporting new product development and data-driven go-to-market strategies.

Market Research Expertise:

  • Quantitative and qualitative market research methodologies
  • Competitive Intelligence 
  • Voice of Customer Expert Interviews & Synthesis
  • Pricing Optimization
  • Market Size Assessment (TAM, SAM)
  • Brand Research
  • Go-to-Market Strategy Programs
Industry Experience:
Manufacturing | SaaS Software Solutions (ERP, HR Tech, FinTech) | Industrial Safety Equipment & Solutions (PPE) | Venture Capital and Private Equity | Building Materials & Construction Tech | Telecom Tech | Media & Entertainment | Advertising | Small-Medium Enterprises | Medical Technologies & Devices | Healthcare Strategy
Recent projects:
Healthcare: In-Home Health platforms, GPO, Value-based Care, Pharma distribution, Patient Journey Mapping, Hospital Equipment, Patient Payment Solutions and Products.
 Med-Tech: Diabetes care, Point-of-Care, Remote Patient Monitoring, Pain Therapeutics. Biotech, Veterinary.
SaaS software: HCM, ERP, Tech & Services architecture & innovations, Due diligence support for PE/VC firms’ M&A planning.
Manufacturing: Paper & Packaging, Industrial Safety (PPE). Supply-Chain, Logistics-Tech.
AI & ML applications: IoT in healthcare, Smart Homes, Automotive, HR Tech, etc.
Other projects for clients in HVAC | Med-Tech | Graphics | Automotive | Environmental Solutions | CPG | Life Sciences & Healthcare

Work Experience
Market Research & Competitive Intelligence Consultant - at Self-employed Jan 2019  - present Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Expert in providing actionable market insights and strategic support for B2B and B2C global clients. Skilled in:

  • Design and management of Voice of Customer (VOC) research–75+ interviews completed.
  • Qualitative and quantitative methodologies to research new market opportunities, develop market maps and discover new market segments.
  • Due diligence and competitive intelligence analyses to support M&A planning.
  • Market landscape development and market dynamics assessment.
Clients include:
Manufacturing | Industrial Safety Equipment (PPE) and Fiber Innovations  | SaaS software systems | Fintech/Insurtech | Healthcare Technologies | Medical Devices | AI & Machine Learning in Healthcare  | PE/VC Support | Building Materials

Market Research & Competitive Intelligence Consultant at Venadar Aug 2010  - Aug 2018 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Competitive intelligence consultant at a global marketing consultancy.
Expert services to help evaluate competitors, develop competitor best-practices benchmarks, analyze risks, and identify new growth opportunities.
Managed 100+ comprehensive competitive intelligence research projects to support new business growth strategies at global enterprises and entrepreneurs. 
Clients include CPG, Industrial goods, healthcare, Food & Beverage, software, etc.

Innovation Focused Market Research Manager at Invista Performance Solutions Apr 2012  - Apr 2017 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Market research manager for a global specialty industrial products company responsible for researching disruptive product innovations and identifying new market segments for rapid business growth. 
 Designed and executed 50+ quantitative and qualitative market research projects in the B2C and B2B segments for Invista’s performance flooring solutions products in the US, China, Japan, and Europe.
Activated extensive consumer insights to support launch of 5+ innovative flooring products for the Stainmaster brand that resulted in $10M+ in first-year sales in the home materials market.
Analyzed market factors and developed path to purchase models that led to an innovative channel marketing program that raised yr1 revenues by 15% for local retail partners and drove higher brand awareness.
Implemented and managed a collaborative innovation management platform that helped develop Invista’s disruptive innovations programs leading to 10+ new products for B2B and B2C markets. 

Master's degree from Baylor University
Jan 1997 - Jun 1999
Statistics, Marketing Research, Social Sciences


Competitive Market Analysis for the Innovation Management Platforms (SaaS) Market

Detailed competitive analysis as a self-funded proactive case-study in the new field of Innovation Management Software Platforms. Study covers key market dynamics, market insights, state-of-the-market of the online ideation and innovation market and key challenges facing the leading software company in this space.
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